How it all started...

In the fall of 1989, Bishop Howard Tillman received a vision: he was in a room standing beside a door and in his hand was a key. God said to him, “Place the key in the door.” He obeyed the voice of the Lord and he did so. The Lord said, “Turn the knob,” and he obeyed. When the door opened, water came rushing into the room. The water symbolized the Holy Ghost. It was then that Bishop knew that it was time to start a church. It was during this vision that New Covenant Believers' Church (NCBC) was birthed.
On January 28, 1990, NCBC distributed its first membership cards and 65 people immediately joined the New Covenant family. Since that memorable day, the New Covenant Believers’ Church currently counts a membership of more than 750 individuals.

Expanding the vision...

Now in our next phase of ministry, New Covenant counts among God's victories:
- Purchasing and developing our current site and building
- Building the Focus Center, our 52,000 square foot education, recreation and administrative facility
- Further development of the 40+ acre Wholistic Life Campus
- More than 30 operating ministries, programs and services
- Continued promotion and development of NCBC Human Services Corporation and its programs
New Covenant Believers' Church is a vibrant, dynamic and growing congregation with effective leadership that is determined to impact this generation and change history!

Be a part of our story...

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